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Getting a Sharing Link
Getting a Sharing Link
You don’t have to send a link to the fi le via e-mail; you can distribute it any way you like
(such as via instant messaging, for example). To generate a hyperlink to your fi le that you
can then paste into any application, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
Get a Sharing Link . Controls appear for generating links.
If you don’t see the Get a Sharing Link command, you probably haven’t saved the
fi le to your SkyDrive.
2. Click the Create Link button next to either View Link or Edit Link, depending
on the permission you want to grant. See Figure 21.10.
FIGURE 21.10
Choose to create a link for viewing or editing.
If you later want to stop sharing this fi le, return here and click Disable Link to
turn that link off.
3. Click the hyperlink to select it, and then press Ctrl+C to copy it to the
4. Click in the application where you want to paste it and press Ctrl+V.
5. Return to PowerPoint and press Esc to close Backstage view when you’re
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