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Posting Your Presentation to Facebook
Posting Your Presentation to Facebook
If you use Facebook to distribute your work in PowerPoint (such as for a marketing cam-
paign), you can post your link directly to the site from PowerPoint. Note that this proce-
dure posts a link and not a copy of the original fi le.
Follow these steps to post:
1. Choose File
Post to Social Networks. Controls appear for posting a
message on Facebook. See Figure 21.11.
FIGURE 21.11
Share a link to your presentation on Facebook.
If you don’t see the Post to Social Networks command, you probably haven’t saved
the fi le to your SkyDrive.
2. If you want others to be able to edit your presentation, open the Can View
drop-down list and click Can Edit.
3. (Optional) Type a message to include with the posting.
4. Click Post.
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