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Sharing a Presentation via Office 365 SharePoint
Sharing a Presentation via Ofi ce 365 SharePoint
If you have access to a SharePoint server via Offi ce 365, you can use it to share your work
with others. This works in much the same way as a SkyDrive share, which you learned
about earlier in this chapter. Whereas SkyDrive is designed primarily for individual users,
SharePoint sites are designed for corporate/business users.
First, add the SharePoint site to your list of Save As places. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Click File > Save As, and then click Add a Place.
2. Click Office 365 SharePoint.
3. Click Sign In.
4. Sign in with your user name and password. The site is added to your Save As list
of places.
From that point, you can save your presentation to the new SharePoint place, and then
share it with others. Follow these steps to do so:
1. Click File > Save As, and then under the Save As heading, click your SharePoint
document library.
2. Click Browse to open the Save As dialog box. The site content appears. Browse to
the folder in which you want to save the presentation fi le.
3. Click Save. The presentation is saved to the specifi ed location.
Next, you will want to share your presentation with other people. To let them know it is
available, follow these steps:
1. Click File > Share > Invite People.
2. Enter the email addresses of the people with whom you want to share.
3. Choose Can Edit or Can View, depending on the permissions you want to
4. Enter a message in the box below the address line, and then click Share.
To stop sharing the presentation, choose File > Share, and under Shared With, right-click
the person with whom you want to stop sharing and click Remove User.
Managing Simultaneous Edits
When you save to a cloud-based storage location such as SkyDrive or Offi ce 365 SharePoint,
multiple people can work on a presentation simultaneously, provided they all have
PowerPoint 2010 or later, or are using the latest release of the PowerPoint Web App.
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