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Sharing Slides with a SharePoint Slide Library
Here’s how it works:
1. Create a draft of the presentation and save it to a shared location . If needed,
give permission to edit it to the people with whom you will collaborate.
2. Open and start working on the presentation . It’s as easy as that! When other
people are working on the presentation, you’ll see a Co-authoring icon in the status
bar telling you how many people are working on it.
3. Save your work when you are finished editing by choosing File > Save.
If you were the only one working on the presentation, the process ends here; it’s
just like any other save. However, if others were also editing the presentation, a
notifi cation appears that updates are available. Continue the process by following
these steps:
4. Click the Updates Available indicator on the status bar to merge the changes.
Unless your edits confl ict, they merge automatically, and you’re done.
If someone else made a change that confl icts with some edit you made, a message
appears. If that happens, click the Resolve Confl icts button.
5. A message appears that PowerPoint has refreshed your presentation with
changes made by other authors. Click OK to accept that.
6. On the Merge tab, click Show Changes.
7. Do one of the following :
To view confl icting updates only, click Show Only Confl icts.
To view all changes, click Show All Changes.
8. To accept a conflicting change, click the box next to the change. Or, to reject
a confl icting change, do nothing to it. Ignored changes are the same as rejected
9. When you are done reviewing changes, click Close Merge View. All changes are
applied and uploaded to the server, and all change indicators disappear.
Sharing Slides with a SharePoint Slide Library
Often people who work at the same company can benefi t from sharing slides with one
another. For example, a product manager might have slides that describe his product, and
a sales or marketing person in the company could save a great deal of time by copying such
slides instead of re-creating them from scratch. However, it can be time consuming to wade
through large presentations to fi nd a single slide that could be of benefi t.
A slide library is a specialized type of document library that stores individual slides rather than
entire presentations. A slide library enables users to publish individual slides that they think
might be of interest to others in their organization. For example, with a slide library, product
managers could post two or three slides about their products and an executive or salesperson
could easily browse these and choose the ones needed for a presentation to a particular client.
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