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Pulling Slides from the Library to PowerPoint
2. Mark the check box for each slide that you want to publish, or click the Select
All button to add all of the slides to the library.
Can’t see all of the slides? Use the scroll bar on the right to move down through the
3. (Optional) Change the filename and/or description for a slide if desired. The
text in the File Name and Description columns is editable; just click in it and type.
4. Type the path to your slide library in the Publish To field.
If you already have your SharePoint slide library open in your web browser, the
easiest way to get the path to your slide library is to copy it from your browser.
Select the beginning of the path. (Don’t select from the /Forms part on.) Or if the
slide library is locally accessible, click Browse to browse for it.
If you don’t have access to the desired slide library right now, click Browse, and in the Select a Slide Library dialog
box, create a new folder to serve as a temporary slide library. Then select that folder and click Select. This results
in a new pointer placed in C:\Users\ username \Roaming\Microsoft\PowerPoint\My Slide
Libraries . You can then upload this folder to the slide library on the SharePoint server when it is available.
However, you won’t be able to insert slides from this folder into your presentation as if it were a slide library (see the
next section) until it has been published to SharePoint.
5. Click the Publish button to publish the slides to the library. (You may be
prompted for a username and password for the server.)
6. Wait for the slides to be uploaded to the slide library. A progress bar appears in
the status bar as the upload is happening.
Pulling Slides from the Library to PowerPoint
Once you have slides in your library, you will work with them primarily from within
PowerPoint. You can quickly pull individual slides into presentations using the following
1. Open the presentation into which you want to insert one or more slides.
2. On the Home tab in the Ribbon, click the down arrow under the New Slides
button and select Reuse Slides.
3. In the task pane that appears to the right, type the URL of your slide library in
the Insert Slide From text box, or select it from the text box’s drop-down list.
If you paste the URL from your browser, remove everything after the slide library
You can create a temporary library i le on your local hard drive in which to save i les to be published. However, you
can’t access that local folder as if it were a real slide library.
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