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Chapter 22: Customizing PowerPoint
TABLE 22.1 (continued)
Keep the last autosaved ver-
sion if I close without saving
Helps prevent data loss through
user error by retaining an Auto
Recover version of any work that you
don’t save as you close the program.
AutoRecover i le location
Sets the location where PowerPoint
saves the AutoRecover temporary
i les.
Don’t show the Backstage
when opening or saving i les
Clear this check box if you want the
Save As or Open dialog box to
appear immediately when you select
the respective command (as it did in
earlier PowerPoint versions).
Show additional places for
saving, even if sign-in may be
Includes all available places for
Save to Computer by default
Mark this check box if you want your
local hard disk rather than SkyDrive
to be the default save location.
Local default i le location
Sets the location that appears by
default in the Save As dialog box.
Default personal templates
Sets the location of personal tem-
plates (that is, templates you create
or acquire yourself).
Ofl ine editing
options for document
management server
i les
Save checked-out i les to
When you check out a i le from a
document server, this option allows
you to specify whether the draft is
stored locally or back to the Web.
Server drafts location
When you check out a i le from a
document server and you choose to
save a local copy, this option deter-
mines the location of that local copy.
File merge options for
shared document
management server
i les
Show detailed merge
changes when a merge
Provides additional information
about the changes made during a
merge operation where two versions
of a presentation are being
Preserve i delity when
sharing this
Embed fonts in the i le
Packages the fonts with the presen-
tation i le so that when the presenta-
tion is shown on a computer that
does not have these fonts, it still
displays correctly.
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