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Chapter 22: Customizing PowerPoint
Category: Language
Choose editing
Add additional editing
Enables you to add other languages
in which you may be editing content
for access to their spelling, gram-
mar, currency, and other settings.
Choose display and
help languages
Set the language priority for
the buttons, tabs, and Help
Use the arrow buttons to move lan-
guages up or down on the priority
list. The language at the top of the
list is the default.
View display languages
installed for each Microsoft
Ofi ce program
Click here to see a table listing all the
language packs installed for each
Ofi ce application on your system.
Choose ScreenTip
Set your ScreenTip language
Select the desired language from
the drop-down list, if you have more
than one language installed.
Category: Advanced
Editing options
When selecting, automati-
cally select entire word
Extends the selection to entire
words when you drag to select.
Allow text to be dragged and
Enables drag-and-drop moving and
Automatically switch key-
board to match language of
surrounding text
Switches the keyboard layout for the
language you are working with.
Do not automatically hyper-
link screenshot
Specii es whether screenshots
should be live hyperlinks.
Maximum number of undos
Sets the number of undo
Cut, copy, and paste
Use smart cut and paste
Automatically adjusts sentence and
word spacing and table formatting
as well as other formatting details.
Show Paste Options buttons
when content is pasted
If this option is enabled, then when
you paste, an icon appears that
opens a menu where you can spec-
ify paste options.
Image Size and
Discard editing data
Saves disk space by not saving infor-
mation about the original picture
when you are applying a transforma-
tion or other effect.
Do not compress images in
i le
Does not allow images to be com-
pressed, to keep them at maximum
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