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Chapter 22: Customizing PowerPoint
TABLE 22.1 (continued)
Set default target output to
Sets a quality level, in pixels per inch
(ppi), for image compression. The
default 220 is good for print; 150 or
96 would be appropriate for on-
screen shows.
Properties follow chart data
point for all new
When this option is enabled, custom
formatting and data labels follow
the data points as they are moved or
changed in the chart.
Current presentation
Enables you to choose which pre-
sentation is considered the current
one (for the next option).
Properties follow chart data
point for current
Sets the behavior of custom format-
ting and data labels for the current
presentation (as set above).
Show this number of Recent
Controls the number of presenta-
tions that appear in the Recent sec-
tion of the File
Open menu.
Quickly access this number
of Recent Presentations
When enabled, activates a Recent
Presentations list in the Quick
Access Toolbar and sets the number
of presentations that appear on that
Show this number of
unpinned Recent Folders
Sets the number of recent folders
that appear as shortcuts when you
are saving or opening i les from
Backstage view.
Show shortcut keys in
Includes shortcut keys when you
move your mouse over a command
or button.
Show vertical ruler
Includes the vertical ruler when the
ruler is enabled (from the View tab).
Disable hardware graphics
Prevents the video card from using
its graphics acceleration features.
You can turn this on to troubleshoot
problems with the display, but it may
decrease display performance.
Disable Slide Show hardware
graphics acceleration
Same as the preceding option
except only for Slide Show view. You
might want this set differently than
when editing the presentation.
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