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Chapter 22: Customizing PowerPoint
Automatically extend display
when presenting on a laptop
or tablet
When enabled, sets the Windows
display mode to extend the Desktop
on additional monitors rather than
mirroring the same content on each.
Open all documents using
this view
Chooses the default view with which
to open presentations.
Slide Show
Show menu on right-mouse
Enables the right-click menu in Slide
Show view.
Show popup toolbar
Enables the pop-up toolbar (lower-
left corner of the screen) in Slide
Show view.
Prompt to keep ink annota-
tions when exiting
When you’re exiting from Slide Show
view after using ink annotations, this
option asks whether you want to
save them.
End with black slide
Displays a black screen after the
i nal slide (otherwise, it returns to
Normal view).
Print in background
Enables print spooling, so that
PowerPoint is freed up faster to con-
tinue working.
Print TrueType fonts as
Sends TrueType fonts to the printer
as graphics rather than as fonts.
Print inserted objects at
printer resolution
When an object has a different reso-
lution than the printer, this changes
the object to match the printer
High quality
Enables high-quality printing,
including minor improvements such
as printing text shadows.
Align transparent graphics at
printer resolution
The presence of this option is actu-
ally a bug in the software; it does
When printing this
Use the most recently used
print settings OR Use the
following print settings
Selects whether to remember print
settings or to use settings that you
Provide feedback with sound
Enables sound with visual notii ca-
tions, such as alerts when a process
is complete.
Show add-in user interface
Turns on error messages received
from add-ins.
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