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Working with Trusted Publishers
Disable All Trusted Locations. This setting does just what its name says. You will
learn more about trusted publishers in the next section.
Remove. Removes a trusted location from the list. (There is no confi rmation; it is
removed immediately.)
Modify. Opens the Trusted Location dialog box for a location so that you can
change its path or options.
Working with Trusted Publishers
Another way to trust a macro is to verify that it comes from a trusted publisher. The macro
settings (covered in a later section) enable you to specify what should happen when a
macro from a trusted publisher wants to run outside of a trusted location.
When you open a presentation that includes one or more signed macros, PowerPoint asks
you whether or not you want to trust macros from that signer. Information about the
signer’s certifi cate appears, including the name, the issuing authority, and the valid dates.
If you choose Yes, then this signer is added to your Trusted Publishers list. If you have not
yet added a signer to the Trusted Publishers list, the list will be blank in the Trust Center
dialog box.
If you have a trusted publisher on your list, you can select it and then click View to view
its information or click Remove to remove it from the Trusted Publishers list.
Trusted Documents and Protected View Settings
When you open a presentation that is not from a trusted location or trusted publisher, it
opens in an uneditable mode; you must click Enable Content on the information bar that
appears across the top of the window to trust that document (see Figure 22.2) or choose
Enable Editing.
A warning appears when you access a i le that originated from outside your trusted locations.
The Trust Center has several settings for managing the process of trusting a document (or
not). First, in the Trusted Documents category, you can set these options:
Allow Documents on a Network to Be Trusted. If you clear this check box, docu-
ments that originate from a source other than your own computer will not be
Disable Trusted Documents. If you mark this check box, it completely disables the
ability to trust any documents, whether on a network or your own PC.
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