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In the Protected View category, you can then fi ne-tune the criteria for a document being
Enable Protected View for Files Originating from the Internet. This includes
presentations you download from websites.
Enable Protected View for Files Located in Potentially Unsafe Locations. This
includes presentations stored on your local hard disk but not in locations marked as
Trusted (see “Setting Up Trusted Locations” earlier in this chapter).
Enable Protected View for Outlook Attachments. This includes any presentations
that you have received as e-mail attachments in Outlook.
You will learn about managing add-ins later in this chapter; they extend PowerPoint’s
functionality by integrating mini-programs written by third-party individuals or compa-
nies not affi liated with Microsoft. Add-ins can often dramatically extend the capabilities
of an application by adding new tabs on the Ribbon, new buttons, and more. Because they
connect with the application at a fairly low level, they can be devastating if they contain
viruses. (It is not common for add-ins to contain viruses, but you never know what could
In the Add-Ins section of the Trust Center, you can specify the criteria for add-ins being
able to run:
Require Application Add-Ins to Be Signed by Trusted Publisher. Prevents
unsigned add-ins from being installed. Trusted publishers are defi ned and confi g-
ured in the Trusted Publishers section, discussed earlier in this chapter.
Disable Notification for Unsigned Add-Ins. Prevents a warning from appearing
when an add-in is disabled because it is not signed. This is applicable only if the
preceding option is selected.
Disable All Application Add-Ins. Prevents all add-ins from running, regardless of
the signed or unsigned status.
ActiveX Settings
ActiveX controls are somewhat like add-ins or macros; they are more commonly used on
web pages, but sometimes PowerPoint fi les (or other Offi ce fi les) contain them as well. They
extend the functionality of the program in some way.
In the ActiveX Settings for All Offi ce Applications section, you can choose a level of per-
mission for ActiveX controls, ranging from disabling all of them to enabling all of them.
See Figure 22.3.
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