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Message Bar
Message Bar
By default, when content is blocked, a message bar appears between the Ribbon and the
presentation to let you know what has happened. You can enable or disable the appearance
of this message bar.
File Block Settings
In this area of the Trust Center, you can prevent certain fi le types from being opened or saved
via PowerPoint. If you place a check mark in the Open column for a certain fi le type, PowerPoint
either prevents it from opening at all or opens it in Protected view, depending on the Open
Behavior for Selected File Types setting (at the bottom of the dialog box). If you place a check
mark in the Save column, PowerPoint will prevent the fi le from being saved. See Figure 22.5.
You can block certain i le types from being saved or opened or force them to be opened in
Protected view.
Privacy Options
It is usually safe to connect to the Internet to download content such as clip art and tem-
plates and to send feedback to Microsoft about errors and usage. However, some people
are concerned about security and prefer to control their computer’s connection to outside
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