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Creating or Deleting a Tab or a Custom Group
these tabs and then perform an action that would normally make that tab appear, it won’t
appear. This can be perplexing to someone else using your computer who doesn’t know
you’ve hidden it — or even to yourself if you forgot you did.
You can turn certain tabs on or off.
Clear the check
box for any tab
you want to hide.
Creating or Deleting a Tab or a Custom Group
You can add any command to any tab as long as it is in a custom group (that is, a user-
created group). Therefore, you have to create the custom group fi rst, before you can start
customizing an existing tab. If desired, you can create a whole new tab fi rst and then cre-
ate your custom groups on that new tab.
Creating a Custom Tab
To create your own tab, follow these steps:
1. Right-click any button on the Ribbon and choose Customize the Ribbon. The
PowerPoint Options dialog box opens with the Customize Ribbon tab displayed.
2. On the Main Tabs list (right side of dialog box), click the existing tab that the
new one should appear after (that is, to the right of).
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