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Creating a Custom Group
3. Click New Tab. A new tab appears on the list called New Tab (Custom). By default,
it has one group in it: New Group (Custom). See Figure 22.7.
When you create a custom tab, a custom group is automatically created in it.
4. Click the new tab, and click the Rename button.
5. In the Rename dialog box, type a new name for the tab and click OK.
6. Click the new group within that new tab, and rename it the same way.
The dialog box for renaming a group is different from that for renaming a tab; it con-
tains icons as well as a text box, as shown in Figure 22.8. An icon appears when a group
is collapsed (for example, when the PowerPoint window is not wide enough to show it).
When renaming a group, you can also choose its icon.
7. Click OK to close the dialog box, or leave it open for more editing.
Creating a Custom Group
As you just saw, when you create a new tab, you also get a group with it automatically. You
can add more groups to your new tab, and you can also add groups to existing tabs.
Here’s how to create a custom group on an existing tab:
1. If the PowerPoint Options dialog box is not already open, right-click any but-
ton on the Ribbon and choose Customize the Ribbon.
2. Click the tab on which you want to create the new group.
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