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Adding Already-Available Commands to the QAT
Certain commands can be toggled on or off on the QAT via its menu.
Adding Already-Available Commands to the QAT
If the command is already available on a tab or menu, then adding it to the QAT is easy.
Just right-click it and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar. You can use this method to com-
bine all of your most-used commands and buttons in a single location so that you do not
have to switch among the tabs as frequently.
However, in order for you to use this method, the command already has to be available
somewhere within PowerPoint’s Ribbon or Offi ce menu. As a result, you cannot use this
method to add capabilities to PowerPoint that it does not already have by default.
Removing Commands from the QAT
To remove a command from the QAT, right-click it on the QAT and choose Remove from
Quick Access Toolbar. If you want to add it again later, you can use the method in the pre-
ceding section if the command exists on a tab or menu. You can use the method in the fol-
lowing section if it does not or if you cannot seem to fi nd it on any of the tabs or menus.
Adding Other Commands to the QAT
Besides the standard set of commands, PowerPoint also contains a secret list of extra com-
mands and capabilities. Most of these are old features from previous versions of PowerPoint
that Microsoft is phasing out or features for which there was no room on the Ribbon. For
example, the Nudge commands are not on the main Ribbon by default (Nudge Left, Nudge
Right, and so on).
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