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Managing Add-Ins
FIGURE 22.10
You can add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.
To view installed add-ins, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
2. Click Add-Ins. A list of installed add-ins appears (see Figure 22.11).
An installed add-in can be either enabled or disabled. Having the option of disabling an
add-in rather than removing it entirely is handy because it allows you to turn one off tem-
porarily without losing it. Disabling add-ins is also helpful for troubleshooting. If you are
not sure what add-in is causing PowerPoint to crash, you can disable them all and then
enable them one at a time until you fi nd the problem.
To disable or remove an add-in, you need to know what type it is because the steps are dif-
ferent for the various types. To determine a type, look in the Type column.
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