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Enabling Actions
Enabling Actions
Choose Actions in the Manage drop-down list and click Go to display the AutoCorrect dialog
box with the Actions tab selected. From here, you can click More Actions to add additional
actions to PowerPoint, or click an existing action on the Available Actions list and then
click Properties to confi gure it.
Enabling/Disabling PowerPoint Add-Ins
PowerPoint add-ins, which are usually written by a third party, are specifi c to PowerPoint
(not generic to all Offi ce apps, as Actions are).
From the Manage drop-down list, choose PowerPoint Add-Ins, and click Go. The Add-Ins
dialog box opens. Add, remove, or enable/disable each add-in as desired.
Customizing the Status Bar
The status bar is the bar across the bottom of the PowerPoint window, where the Zoom slider
and view buttons appear. You can customize what appears there by right-clicking the status
bar and marking or clearing the check boxes on the menu that appears. See Figure 22.12.
FIGURE 22.12
Right-click the status bar and choose commands to display or hide on it.
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