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Gridlines are nonprinting dotted lines at regularly spaced intervals that can help you line
up objects on a slide. Figure 1.26 shows gridlines (and the ruler) enabled.
To turn gridlines on or off, use either of these methods:
Press Shift+F9.
On the View tab, in the Show group, select or deselect the Gridlines check box.
There are many options you can set for the gridlines, including whether objects snap to it,
whether the grid is visible, and what the spacing should be between the gridlines. To set
grid options, follow these steps:
1. On the View tab, click the dialog box launcher in the Show group. The Grid and
Guides dialog box opens (see Figure 1.27).
Set grid options and spacing.
2. In the Snap To section, select or deselect the Snap Objects to Grid check box.
This setting specifi es whether or not objects will automatically align with the grid.
3. In the Grid Settings section, enter the amount of space you want between
4. Select or deselect the Display Grid On Screen check box to display or hide the
grid. (Note that you can make objects snap to the grid without the grid being
5. Click OK.
Guides are like gridlines except they are individual lines, rather than a grid of lines, and
you can drag them to different positions on the slide. As you drag a guide, a numeric
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