Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Lab 1: Presenting Content without Bulleted Lists
Presenting Content without
Bulleted Lists
Using shapes as text boxes
Converting bulleted lists to SmartArt
In this lab, you have the opportunity to practice several ways of serving up content that’s free
from the traditional bulleted-list structure.
You are creating slides for a computer technology teacher to use in a class on PC hardware. The
lecture she is preparing for involves safety issues when working on a PC.
Please visit to download the fi les you need for the
project labs.
Lab 1A: Using Shapes as Text Boxes
In this lab session, you create a set of starbursts and use them as text boxes.
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Time to complete: 10 to 20 minutes
1. Open the file Lab1A.pptx from the Labs folder on the book’s companion website and
save it as MyLab1A.pptx .
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