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indicator appears to let you know the ruler position, as shown in Figure 1.28. Use the Grid
and Guides dialog box shown in Figure 1.27 to turn guides on/off, or press Alt+F9.
Guides are movable, nonprinting lines that help with alignment.
Horizontal guide
Vertical guide (being dragged)
You can create additional sets of guide lines by holding down the Ctrl key while dragging
a guide (to copy it). You can have as many horizontal and vertical guides as you like, all at
positions you specify. You can also save your custom guides (new in PowerPoint 2013).
For a cleaner look to PowerPoint, as well as more screen space, you can choose to hide (or as
Microsoft calls it, “un-pin”) the Ribbon when it’s not in use. To hide the Ribbon, click the
Unpin the Ribbon icon (the up-pointing arrow button at the far right end of the Ribbon).
From that point on, the Ribbon doesn’t appear unless you click one of its tabs. To get it
back to always-on status, view the Ribbon (by clicking one of the tabs) and then click the
Pin the Ribbon icon (which is a pushpin icon in the same spot that the Unpin the Ribbon
arrow icon appeared in before).
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