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Lab 1B: Converting Bullets to SmartArt
Lab 1B: Converting Bullets to SmartArt
If a presentation is already set up using bulleted lists, you might not want to take the time
to retype them in shapes. You can easily convert a bulleted list to SmartArt in PowerPoint,
making the list appear more graphical and interesting. In this exercise, you create a bul-
leted list and then convert it to SmartArt.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Time to complete: 5 to 10 minutes
1. Open the file Lab1B.pptx from the Labs folder on the book’s companion web-
site and save it as MyLab1B.pptx .
2. Convert the content on slide #2 to SmartArt.
a. Display slide #2 (Electrostatic Discharge).
b. Right-click the content (text) placeholder and choose Convert to SmartArt.
c. Click the Vertical Bullet List type (leftmost on the top row).
The list is converted to a SmartArt diagram.
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