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Understanding Save Locations
By changing the i le type you can select a i le of another supported type, such as a Word
File Type button
Understanding Save Locations
Where can you save your fi les? You can save fi les in any location on your local hard disk,
on a removable drive such as USB fl ash drive, to a network location, to your SkyDrive, or to
a SharePoint server, just to name a few places. A more pertinent question is, where should
you save your fi les? That depends on your situation.
In most Offi ce 2013 apps, the default save location is your SkyDrive. Your SkyDrive is a free
online storage location that Microsoft provides to anyone who wants it. (You don’t even
have to be a Windows or Offi ce user.) Your SkyDrive is available no matter what computer
you are logged into, as long as you have an Internet connection, so it’s a good choice for
people who have multiple PCs that they alternate between. See Appendix B for more infor-
mation about SkyDrives.
If you use SkyDrive as your primary storage system for your data i les, you might consider installing the SkyDrive for
Windows desktop app. Go to an d click Download the App. This creates
a local folder app from which you can manage and sync your SkyDrive content, and it places a shortcut to that folder
in the Favorites list in the File Explorer navigation pane. You can learn more about this app in Appendix B.
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