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Saving for the First Time
should avoid using spaces; use the underscore character instead to simulate a space, if nec-
essary. Filenames that include exclamation points also cause problems, so beware of that.
Generally, it is best to avoid punctuation marks in fi lenames.
If you want to transfer your presentation i le to a different computer and show it from there, and that other computer
does not have the same fonts as yours, you should embed the fonts in your presentation so that the desired fonts are
available on the other PC. To embed fonts from the Save As dialog box, click the Tools button, choose Save Options,
select Embed Fonts in the File check box, and click OK. This option makes the saved i le larger than normal, so
choose it only when necessary. For more information on advanced saving features, see the section “Specifying Save
The Save As screen
SkyDrive is
selected by default.
Click Computer if you
want to save to your
local computer.
Click Browse to
choose a folder.
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