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Changing Drives and Folders
PowerPoint 97–2003 Show
Same as a regular backward-compatible pre-
sentation i le, except it opens in Slide Show
view by default.
PowerPoint Add-In
A i le that contains executable code (usually
VBA) that extends PowerPoint’s capabilities.
PowerPoint 97–2003 Add-In .ppa
Same as PowerPoint Add-In ( .ppam ), except
the add-in is backward compatible.
PowerPoint XML
A presentation in XML format, suitable for
integrating into an XML information storage
MPEG-4 Video
A video version of the presentation using
MPEG-4 format.
Windows Media Video
A video version of the presentation using
WMV format.
GIF Graphics Interchange
Static graphic. GIFs are limited to 256 colors.
JPEG File Interchange
Static graphic. JPG i les can be very small,
making them good for Web use. A lossy
compression format, so picture quality may
not be as good as with a lossless format.
PNG Portable Network
Graphics Format
Static graphic. Similar to GIF except without
the color depth limitation. Uses lossless
compression; takes advantage of the best
features of both GIF and JPG.
TIFF Tagged Image File
Static graphic. TIF is a high-quality i le for-
mat suitable for slides with high-resolution
photos. A lossless compression format.
Device Independent
Static graphic. BMP is the native format for
Windows graphics, including Windows back-
ground wallpaper.
Windows Metai le
Static graphic. A vector-based format, so it
can later be resized without distortion. Not
Mac compatible.
Enhanced Windows
Metai le
Enhanced version of WMF; not compatible
with 16-bit applications. Also vector-based
and not Mac compatible.
Text and text formatting only; excludes all
non-text elements. Only text in slide place-
holders will be converted to the outline. Text
in the Notes area is not included.
PowerPoint Picture
Saves all the slides as pictures and puts
them into a new blank presentation.
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