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Specifying Save Options
Specifying Save Options
The save options enable you to fi ne-tune the saving process for special needs. For example,
you can employ save options to embed fonts, to change the interval at which PowerPoint
saves AutoRecover information, and more.
There are two ways to access the Save options:
Choose File
Options and click Save.
Save Options.
The PowerPoint Options dialog box appears (Figure 2.11). Set any of the options you want to
set and click OK when you are fi nished.
From the Save As dialog box, click Tools
Set save options to match the way you want PowerPoint to save your work.
Table 2.3 summarizes the save options. One of the most important features described in
Table 2.3 is AutoRecover, which is turned on by default. This means if a system error or
a power outage causes PowerPoint to terminate unexpectedly, you do not lose all of your
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