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Specifying Save Options
work. The next time you start PowerPoint, it opens the recovered fi le and asks if you want
to save it.
AutoRecover is not a substitute for saving your work the regular way. It does not save in the same sense that the Save
command does; it only saves a backup version as PowerPoint is running. If you quit PowerPoint normally, that backup
version is erased. The backup version is available for recovery only if PowerPoint terminates abnormally (because of a
system lockup or a power outage, for example).
TABLE 2.3 Save Options
Save i les in this format
Sets the default i le format to appear in the Save As dialog box.
Your choices are a regular presentation, a macro-enabled presen-
tation, or a 97–2003 backward-compatible presentation.
Save AutoRecover infor-
mation every _______
PowerPoint saves your work every few minutes so that if the
computer has problems and causes PowerPoint to terminate
abnormally, you do not lose much work. Lower this number to save
more often (for less potential data loss) or raise it to save less often
(for less slowdown/delay related to repeated saving).
AutoRecover i le
Specify the location in which AutoRecover drafts should be saved.
By default, it is C:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\
Microsoft\PowerPoint .
Don’t show the
Backstage when open-
ing or saving i les
When enabled, bypasses Backstage view (that is, the default File
menu choices for opening and saving) and goes directly to the
Open or Save dialog boxes, respectively.
Always show “Sign in to
SkyDrive” location
during Save
When disabled, hides the SkyDrive sign-in option; disable this if
you never use SkyDrive to save your work.
Save to Computer by
When enabled, saves to your default local i le location (see the
next option) by default.
Default local i le
Specify the location that you want to start from when saving with
the Save As dialog box. By default, it is your Documents library.
Default personal
templates location
Specify the location containing any templates you have created or
acquired separately from the ones PowerPoint itself provides.
Save checked-out
i les to
Sets the location in which any drafts will be saved that you have
checked out of a web server library such as SharePoint. If you
choose “The server drafts location on this computer,” then you
must specify what that location will be in the Server drafts location
box. If you choose to save to the Ofi ce document cache, it’s not an
issue because every save goes immediately back to the server.
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