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Part II: Doing the Math
In this part . . .
Are you a money-minded person? I have just the thing
for you. Part II is all about loans, investments,
depreciation, and internal rates of return. Chapter 5 explains
how Excel works with and formats monetary values. Did
you know that Excel is so smart it can work with your
local currency?
Keeping tabs on loans has never been easier. Heck, you
can even figure whether a loan is worth it in the first
place! Chapter 6 takes this up a notch to demonstrate
advanced financial functions that calculate depreciation
and internal rates of returns — the kind of stuff you would
think to ask an accountant about. Only now you can figure
it out yourself.
Chapters 7 and 8 round this part out with a one-two punch of
math functions, from the simple SUM to the super SUMIF. I
even throw in a little PI in case you need a snack.
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