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Understanding How Excel Handles Money
Figure 5-1:
Using the
Format Cells
dialog box
to control
The Currency and Accounting formats are similar to each other, except for
a couple of key points. Currency provides choices for displaying negative
values; Accounting uses one fixed display with parentheses. Currency places
the currency symbol next to the number; Accounting places the currency
symbol at the left of the cell.
Choosing separators
When numbers are formatted as currency, two separator symbols are
typically used — one to separate thousands and the other to separate the
decimal part of the value. In the United States, commas are used for thousands
and the period for the decimal:
Other countries have different ways of doing this. In many European
countries, for example, the period is used to separate thousands, and the comma
is used for the decimal. In addition, the currency symbol is often at the end of
the number. An amount in euros, for example, may be formatted as follows:
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