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Chapter 7: Using Basic Math Functions
4. Enter the range address that contains the numbers.
Alternatively, you can click in the first cell with a number, hold down the
left mouse button, and drag the mouse over the range of cells.
5. Type a ), and press the Enter key.
Using a range address in the function is a real timesaver — and is easier on
the fingers, too. Figure 7-2 shows how a single range is used with the SUM
function. Look at the Formula Bar and you’ll see the entire function’s syntax
is =SUM(B6:B12). A single range takes the place of multiple individual cell
Figure 7-2:
a sum from
a range of
You can sum multiple ranges in a single formula, which is great when
multiple distinct contiguous cell ranges all must feed a grand total. Figure 7-3
shows just such a situation.
Figure 7-3:
a sum of
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