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Chapter 7: Using Basic Math Functions
You can click the check mark to the left of the formula to complete the
Figure 7-4:
to guess a
range for
the SUM
Follow these steps to use AutoSum:
1. Enter some lists of numbers in a worksheet.
You can add labels to adjacent cells to identify the values, if desired.
2. Position the cursor in the cell where you want the results to appear.
3. Click the AutoSum button.
AutoSum has entered a suggested range into the SUM function.
4. Change the suggested range, if necessary, either by entering it with
the keyboard or using the mouse to drag over a range of cells.
5. Press the Enter key or click the check mark on the Formula Bar to
complete the function.
It’s easy to use AutoSum to tally up multiple ranges, such as shown in Figure 7-3.
Before ending the function with the Enter key or the check mark, instead enter
a comma and then drag the mouse over another range. Do this for as many
ranges as you need to sum. Finally, finish the function by pressing Enter or
clicking the check mark.
By the way, the AutoSum button can do more than addition. If you click the
down arrow on the button, you have a choice of a few other key functions,
such as Average. See Figure 7-5.
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