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Multiplying Multiple Numbers
In a worksheet, either the POWER function or the carat can be used. For
example, in a cell you can enter =POWER(4,3), or =4^3. The result is the same
either way. The carat is inserted by holding Shift and pressing the number 6
key on the keyboard.
Multiplying Multiple Numbers
The PRODUCT function is useful for multiplying up to 255 numbers at once.
The syntax follows:
=PRODUCT (number1, number2,…)
Cell references can be included in the argument list, as well as actual
numbers, and, of course, they can be mixed. Therefore, all these variations work:
=PRODUCT(A2, B15, C20)
=PRODUCT(5, 8, 22)
=PRODUCT(A10, 5, B9)
In fact, you can use arrays of numbers as the arguments. In this case, the
notation looks like this:
=PRODUCT(B85:B88,C85:C88, D86:D88)
Here’s how to use the PRODUCT function:
1. Enter some values on a worksheet.
You can include many values, going down columns or across in rows.
2. Position the pointer in the cell where you want the results displayed.
3. Enter =PRODUCT( to begin the function.
4. Click a cell that has a number.
Alternatively, you can hold down the left mouse button and drag the
pointer over a range of cells with numbers.
5. Enter a comma ( ,).
6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 up to 255 times.
7. Enter a ), and press Enter.
The result you see is calculated by multiplying all the numbers you selected.
Your fingers would probably hurt if you had done this on a calculator.
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