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Using What Remains with the MOD Function
Figure 8-2 shows this on a worksheet. Cell C10 shows the result of multiplying
12 numbers, although only three arguments, as ranges, have been used in the
Figure 8-2:
Putting the
to work.
Using What Remains with
the MOD Function
The MOD function returns the remainder from an integer division operation.
This is called the modulus , hence the function’s name. The function has two
arguments: the number being divided and the number being used to divide
the first argument. The second argument is the divisor. The syntax follows:
=MOD(number, divisor)
These are examples of the MOD function:
=MOD(12,6) returns 0
=MOD(14,5) returns 4
=MOD(27,7) returns 6
=MOD(25,10) returns 5
=MOD(25,10) returns –5
=MOD(15.675,8.25) returns 7.425
The returned value is always the same sign as the divisor.
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