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Analyzing Data with Percentiles and Bins
Figure 9-19:
the entry
of the
11. Enter a ).
Do not press Enter.
12. Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter at the same time to end the function entry.
Hurray, you did it! You have entered an array function. All the cells in the
range where FREQUENCY was entered have the same exact formula. The
returned values in these cells are the count of values from the raw data that
falls within the bins. This is called a frequency distribution.
Next, take this distribution and plot a curve from it:
1. Select the Count of Values Per Bin range data.
That’s E3:E12 in this example.
2. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
3. In the Charts section, click the Column Chart item to display a
selection of column chart styles.
See Figure 9-20.
4. Select the desired chart style to create the chart.
Figure 9-21 shows the completed frequency distribution chart.
A frequency distribution is also known as a histogram.
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