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Analyzing Data with Percentiles and Bins
Figure 9-22:
Finding high
and low
Here’s how to use the MIN or MAX function:
1. Enter a list of numerical values.
2. Position the cursor in the cell where you want the result to appear.
3. Enter either =MIN( or =MAX( to start the function.
4. Drag the pointer over the list, or enter the address of the range.
5. Enter a ) and press the Enter key.
MIN and MAX return the upper and lower values of the data. What if you need
to know the value of the second highest price? Or the third?
The LARGE and SMALL functions let you find out a value that is positioned at
a certain point in the data. LARGE is used to find the value at a position that
is offset from the highest value. SMALL is used to find the value at a position
that is offset from the lowest value.
Figure 9-22 displays the top five home sales, as well as the bottom five. Both
the LARGE and SMALL functions take two arguments: the range of the data in
which to find the value and the position relative to the top or bottom.
The top five home sales are found by using LARGE. The highest sale, in cell
F10, is returned with this formula: =LARGE(C$4:C$1000,1). Because the
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