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Going for the Count
Believe it or not, this works. Although this formula looks like it’s
multiplying the number of movies that earned at least $200,000,000 by the number
of movies made in 2004, it’s really returning the count of movies that meet
the two conditions. (Quick trivia: Which two 1998 movies earned at least
$200,000,000? The answer [drum roll, please]: Armageddon and Saving
Private Ryan. )
To use the COUNTIF function, follow along:
1. Enter a list of numerical values.
2. Position the cursor in the cell where you want the result to appear.
3. Enter =COUNTIF( to start the function.
4. Drag the pointer over the list, or enter the address of the range.
5. Enter a comma ( ,).
Use the following as needed:
7. Enter a ) and press the Enter key.
The result is a count of cells that match the condition.
There is also a COUNTIFS function. This function allows using multiple ranges
and criteria to return a count. COUNTIFS is quite similar to SUMIFS shown in
Chapter 8.
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