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Formatting Dates
Figure 12-1:
Setting how
years are
To ensure full accuracy when working with dates, always enter the full four
digits for the year.
Formatting Dates
When you work with dates, you’ll probably need to format cells in your
worksheet. It’s great that Excel tells you that June 1, 2013, is serially represented
as 41426, but you probably don’t want that on a report. To format dates, you
use the Format Cells dialog box, shown in Figure 12-2. To format dates, follow
these steps:
2. Click the small arrow at the bottom-right corner of the Number section.
The Format Cells dialog box appears, revealing the Number tab.
3. Select Date in the Category List.
4. Select an appropriate format from the Type List.
Now you can turn the useful but pesky serial dates into a user-friendly format.
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