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Making a Date with DATE
When you enter a date into a cell using one of the standard date formats, Excel
recognizes it as a date and automatically assigns a Date format to the cell. You
may want to use the Number Format dialog box to assign a different Date
Figure 12-2:
Using the
Format Cells
dialog box
to control
how dates
Making a Date with DATE
You can use the DATE function to create a complete date from separate year,
month, and day information. The DATE function can be useful because dates
don’t always appear as, well, dates, in a worksheet. You may have a column
of values between 1 and 12 that represents the month, and another column of
values between 1 and 31 for the day of the month. A third column may hold
years — in either the two-digit shorthand or the full four digits.
The DATE function combines individual day, month, and year components
into a single usable date. This makes using and referencing dates in your
worksheet easy. Follow along to use the DATE function:
1. Select the cell where you want the results displayed.
2. Enter =DATE( to begin the function entry.
3. Click the cell that has the year.
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