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Breaking a Date with DAY, MONTH, and YEAR
Here’s how you use the DAY function:
1. Position the pointer in the cell where you want the results displayed.
2. Enter =DAY( to begin the function entry.
3. Click the cell that has the date.
4. Enter a ), then press Enter.
Excel returns a number between 1 and 31.
Figure 12-5 shows how the DAY function can be used to analyze customer
activity. Column A contains a full year’s sequential dates (most of which are
not visible in the figure). In Column B, the day part of each date has been
isolated. Column C shows the customer traffic for each day.
Figure 12-5:
the DAY
to analyze
This is all the information that is needed to analyze whether there is a
difference in the amount of customer traffic between the first half and second half
of the month.
Cells E4 and E10 show the average daily customer traffic for the first half
and second half of the month, respectively. The value for the first half of the
month was obtained by adding all the customer values for day values in
the range 1 to 15 and then dividing by the total number of days. The value
for the second half of the month was done the same way but using day values
in the range 16 to 31.
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