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Finding Out What TODAY Is
tells Excel to leave your entry as is. The Text format is one of the choices in the
Category list in the Format Cells dialog box. (Refer to Figure 12-2.)
Figure 12-7:
dates into
their serial
with the
Note also that the text date in cell A8, Feb 9 14, could not be converted by
DATEVALUE so the function returns the error message #VALUE#. Excel is
great at recognizing dates, but I did not say it is perfect! In cases such as this,
you have to format the date another way so DATEVALUE can recognize it.
Finding Out What TODAY Is
When working in Excel you often need to use the current date. Each time you
print a worksheet, for example, you may want the day’s date to show. The
TODAY function fills the bill perfectly for this. It simply returns the date from
your computer’s internal clock. To use the TODAY function, follow these
1. Position the pointer in the cell where you want the result.
2. Type =TODAY() .
3. Press Enter to end the function.
That’s it! You now have the date from your computer. If your computer’s
clock is not set correctly, don’t blame Excel. Like all dates in Excel, what you
really end up with is a serial number, but the Date formatting displays the
date in a readable fashion.
As with all functions in Excel, you can embed functions in other functions.
For example, if you need to know just the current date’s month, you can
combine the TODAY function with the MONTH function, like this:
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