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Working with Workdays
Saturdays and Sundays are not your high-calorie-consumption days — rather,
it’s Monday and Tuesday that you have to watch out for.
Figure 12-8:
tells you
which day
of the week
a date
falls on.
Working with Workdays
Most weeks have five workdays — Monday through Friday — and two
weekend days. I know; some weeks seem to have 20 workdays, but that’s just your
imagination! Excel has two functions that let you perform workday-related
Determining workdays in a range of dates
The NETWORKDAYS function tells you how many working days are in a range
of dates. Ever sit at your desk and stare at the calendar trying to count how
many working days are left in the year? Excel can answer this vital question
for you!
NETWORKDAYS counts the number of days, omitting Saturdays and Sundays,
in a range of dates that you supply. You can add a list of dates that should
not be counted, if you want. This optional list is where you can put holidays,
vacation time, and so on.
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