Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 1: Tapping into Formula and Function Fundamentals
Chapter 1
Tapping into Formula and
Function Fundamentals
In This Chapter
Getting the skinny on workbooks and worksheets
Understanding the parts of a worksheet
Working with cells, ranges, named areas, and tables
Applying formatting
Figuring out how to use the Help system
Writing formulas
Using functions in formulas
Using nested functions
Excel is to computer programs what a Ferrari is to cars: sleek on the
outside and a lot of power under the hood. Excel is also like a truck — it can
handle all your data, lots of it. In fact, in Excel 2013, a single worksheet has
17,179,869,184 places to hold data. Yes, that’s what I said — more than 17
billion data placeholders. And that’s on just one worksheet!
Opening files created in earlier versions of Excel may show just the number of
worksheet rows and columns available in the version the workbook was
created with.
Excel is used in all types of businesses. And you know how that’s possible?
By being able to store and work with any kind of data. It doesn’t matter
whether you’re in finance or sales, whether you run an online video store or
organize wilderness trips, or whether you’re charting party RSVPs or
tracking the scores of your favorite sports teams — Excel can handle all of it. Its
number-crunching ability is just awesome! And so easy to use!
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