Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Working with Excel Fundamentals
Figure 1-1:
how to use
basic Excel
A worksheet is where your data actually goes. A workbook contains at least
one worksheet. If you didn’t have at least one, where would you put the
data? Figure 1-2 shows an open workbook that has two sheets, aptly named
Sheet1and Sheet2. To the right of these worksheet tabs is the New sheet
button (looks like a plus sign), used to add additional worksheets to the
At any given moment, one worksheet is always on top. In Figure 1-2, Sheet1
is on top. Another way of saying this is that Sheet1 is the active worksheet.
There is always one and only one active worksheet. To make another
worksheet active, just click its tab.
Worksheet, spreadsheet, and just plain old sheet are used interchangeably to
mean the worksheet.
Guess what’s really cool? You can change the name of the worksheets.
Names like Sheet1 and Sheet2 are just not exciting. How about Baseball Card
Collection or Last Year’s Taxes? Well, actually Last Year’s Taxes isn’t too
exciting either.
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