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Let’s Be Logical
Figure 14-4:
Cell C22 calculates the full sum with this formula:
The total is $3,122.
On the other hand, the formula in cell C24 is:
This says to sum values in the range C2:C20 only for where the associated
month in column A is not June.
Note that this formula is an array formula. When entered, the entry was
completed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of just plain Enter. See Chapter 3 for more
information on array formulas.
AND and OR
Next are the AND and OR functions. AND and OR both return a single logical
answer — either true or false — based on the values of two or more logical
tests (such as the way IF works):
The AND function returns true if all the tests are true. Otherwise, false is
The OR function returns true if any one or more of the tests is true.
Otherwise, false is returned.
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