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Finding Where It Is
Figure 14-6:
Using XOR
to find
data is not
what was
Finding Where It Is
You can find a plethora of things with the ADDRESS, ROW, ROWS, COLUMN,
COLUMNS, and OFFSET functions.
The ADDRESS function takes a row number and a column number as
arguments and returns a standard cell reference (cell address). For example, if
you pass the row number 4 and the column number 3, the function returns
C4. ADDRESS can return an absolute or relative reference in either of Excel’s
two reference formats. Before getting to the details, review the differences
between absolute and relative cell references.
A relative reference is expressed as just the column letter and row number
(for example, M290). When you copy a formula that contains a relative cell
reference, the reference — the row number and the column letter — is
adjusted to reflect the location to which you copied the formula.
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