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OFFSET(Sales_by_qtr, 0, 0, ROWS(Sales_by_qtr), 1)
This call to OFFSET returns a range address that has the following
Is located with reference to the range Sales_by_qtr
Is offset from Sales_by_qtr by zero rows and zero columns (in other
words, starts at cell B7)
Contains the same number of rows as Sales_by_qtr
Contains one column
The result is that this call to OFFSET returns the range B7:B18. The MATCH
function becomes this, in effect:
MATCH(“6 Foot Cables”, B7:B18, 0)
Because an exact match is requested, the data does not have to be sorted.
MATCH finds the search text in the fourth row relative to the top of the table.
This is the value that INDEX uses for its row argument. The column argument
to INDEX is handled in the same way.
Figure 14-13:
extract data
from a table.
Here’s how to use the INDEX function:
1. Click a cell where you want the result to appear.
2. Enter =INDEX( to start the function.
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