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Figure 14-14:
the syntax
of formulas.
There is a setting in Excel’s options to always display formulas as syntax
instead of showing the calculated results. Look in the Display options for this
worksheet on the Advanced tab in Excel Options to see where this option is
set. This setting converts all formulas into text, and you can see them all. The
caveat in using this approach is no calculations occur! If you need to see all
the calculations’ inner workings, then this is a good option. However, if you
wish to still have the formulas calculate answers, and want to see how they
are written, use FORMULATEXT.
NUMBERVALUE is used to format numbers that appear as text back to
appearing as actual numbers. For example, your worksheet might display
a value such as “14.25%”. Excel will treat this correctly as a number if used
in a formula, function, or calculation, but the percent sign is not part of the
number. Remember a percent is usually a decimal-based number. The 14.25
percent when not formatted is .1425.
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