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Chapter 15: Digging Up the Facts
Table 15-1 shows the list of possible entries for the first argument of the CELL
Table 15-1
Selecting the First Argument for the CELL Function
Returns the address of the last
changed cell.
Returns the column number of
the first cell in the Sales range.
Tells whether a particular cell
(in this case, cell B3) is
formatted in such a way that negative
numbers are represented in
color. The number, currency,
and custom formats have
selections for displaying negative
numbers in red. If the cell is
formatted for color-negative
numbers, a 1 is returned; otherwise,
a 0 is returned.
Returns the contents of a
particular cell (in this case,
cell B3). If the cell contains a
formula, returns the result of
the formula and not the
formula itself.
Returns the path, filename,
and worksheet name of the
workbook and worksheet that
has the CELL function in it (for
example, C:\Customers\[Acme
Company]Sheet1). Results in
a blank answer in a new
workbook that has not yet
been saved.
Returns a cell’s number format
(in this case, cell D12). See
Table 15-2 for a list of possible
returned values.
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