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Chapter 15: Digging Up the Facts
Returns 1 if a cell (in this
case, D12) is formatted to
have either positive values
or all values displayed with
parentheses. Otherwise, 0 is
returned. A custom format is
needed to make parentheses
appear with positive values in
the first place.
Returns the type of text
alignment in a cell (in this case, cell
R25). There are a few
possibilities: a single quotation mark ( )
if the cell is left-aligned; a double
quotation mark ( ) if the cell is
right-aligned; a carat ( ^ ) if the
cell is set to centered; or a
backslash( \ ) if the cell is fill-aligned. If
the cell being evaluated is blank
or has a number, then the
function returns nothing.
Returns 1 if a cell’s protection
(in this case, cell D12) is set
to locked; otherwise, a 0 is
returned. The returned value
is not affected by whether
the worksheet is currently
Returns the row number of the
first cell in the Sales range.
Returns a value
corresponding to the type of information
in a cell (in this case, cell
D12). There are three possible
values: b if the cell is blank; l
if the cell has alphanumeric
data; and v for all other
possible values including numbers
and errors.
Returns the width of the last
changed cell, rounded to an
integer. For example a width
of 18.3 is returned as 18.
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