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Working with Excel Fundamentals
the Excel screen, but they actually work more like tabs. Click them, and no
menus appear. Instead, the Ribbon presents the items that are related to the
clicked Ribbon tab.
Figure 1-5 shows the top part of the screen, in which the Ribbon displays
the items that appear when you click the Formulas header. In the figure, the
Ribbon is set to show formula-based methods. Along the left, functions are
categorized. One of the categories is opened to show how you can access a
particular function.
These categories are along the bottom of the Formulas Ribbon:
Function Library: This includes the Function Wizard, the AutoSum
feature, and the categorized functions.
Defined Names: These features manage named areas.
Formula Auditing: These features have been through many Excel
incarnations, but never before have the features been so prominent. Also
here is the Watch Window, which lets you keep an eye on the values in
designated cells, but within one window. In Figure 1-6 you can see that a
few cells have been assigned to the Watch Window. If any values change,
you can see this in the Watch Window. Note how the watched cells are
on sheets that are not the current active sheet. Neat! By the way, you
can move the Watch Window around the screen by clicking in the title
area of the window and dragging it with the mouse.
Calculation: This is where you manage calculation settings, such as
whether calculation is automatic or manual.
Figure 1-5:
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