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Getting to Know Your Type
The best thing about the ERROR.TYPE function is that you can use it to
change those pesky errors into something readable! To do this, use the
CHOOSE function along with ERROR.TYPE, like this:
=CHOOSE(ERROR.TYPE(H14),”Nothing here!”,”You can’t
divide by 0”,”A bad number has been entered”,
“The formula is referencing a bad cell
or range”,”There is a problem with the
entry”,”There is a problem with the entered
value”,”Something is seriously wrong!”)
See Chapter 14 for assistance on using the CHOOSE function. This is how you
use the ERROR.TYPE function:
1. Position the cursor in the cell where you want the results to appear.
2. Enter =ERROR.TYPE( to begin the function entry.
3. Enter a cell address, or click a cell.
4. Type a ), and press Enter.
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